Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Obama the Impossible!

My, that was quite an election. Frankly, it became more than I could handle. A lot of mudslinging and right up until Election Day, most polls indicated a tie. Many people such as Carl Rove or Dick Morris were shocked to see Obama reelected. In fact, Carl’s reaction to the election makes for some very compelling TV viewing.  I can relate, even after four years it’s hard to believe we have a president who is black and has the most unlikely name of Barack Hussein Obama! Statistician Nate Silver wasn’t surprised though. He’s the same guy that correctly predicted the results of 49 out of 50 states in 2008 and he called the results of all 50 states in 2012! Statistics seem to be more useful in predicting elections than traditional polling. Of course polling never reaches cell phone users and until it does, the polls will continue to be wrong.

Bottom line is, Mitt Romney lost. I thought he’d withdraw from public life at this point because of the lukewarm support he received from his party two elections in a row but maybe he’s a glutton for punishment.  He’ll be speaking at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference.  CPAC is the largest gathering of conservative politicians and their fan base in the nation. How unusual, they’re featuring Romney, who has zero political future while snubbing Chris Christie. Still, it should be a very interesting meeting this year, my hope is the GOP will change direction and we will have two viable healthy political parties in this nation again. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting on that though. 

Star Trek!

Those that know me know I’m very fond of Star Trek. I could go on forever about it but today I’ll just talk  very briefly about when DC Comics had the rights to Star Trek. First, they put them in their try out book, The Brave and the Bold. Kirk and his intrepid crew are attacked by Starro, a would-be world conquerer. Teamwork and training prove to be too much for Starro! This issue sold better than any other Brave and Bold up until that point. The stage was set for their own title, which they received in 1967. 

They encountered the Guardians of the Universe, masters of the Green Lantern Corp, in their premiere issue. It also sold well enough for a new comic book. However, DC canceled the book after just four issues. Why? The problem was one of ego; these characters were created elsewhere so there was no company loyalty to them.  

DC Comics also felt uncomfortable to so blatantly advertise a TV series. A shame too, as the rights to Star Trek went to Gold Key, a sub-par company known for poor adaptations of existing properties. However they rose to the occasion, eventually. Such as no longer making Uhura a blonde. A match made in Heaven yes, but a shame for Star Trek fans everywhere, who will miss the DC Comics run of Star Trek; they are highly valued on online auction sites. But, something is better than nothing. One can only wonder what might have been. If only...