Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Obama-Palin Debate of 2012!

Can this ever happen? Will Sarah Palin ever declare her candidacy for the office of President of the United States? Well, she gave an impassioned speech this last weekend in Iowa; she was the keynote speaker at the Tea Party of America’s “Restoring America” rally.
I caught the beginning, she oozed energy and confidence, Obviously she had practiced and though I disagreed with much of what she said, she did well in delivery, her content broke no new ground and made me realize; given the current slate of candidates, perhaps Sarah Palin is no longer the craziest person in the room!
Aside from recent bus trip shenanigans, Governor Palin has, since 2008, been in the business of promoting Sarah Palin by promoting her books, her reality show, and her stint as Fox News political pundit. In 2010, she became “involved” with the race for the GOP to take the House of Representatives by supporting certain candidates, which she felt held to high tea party standards. By the numbers, Palin did well in supporting candidates that won with several notable exceptions, included her hand picked Alaskan protégé Joe Miller-defeated by write in votes! -And Christine “I am not a witch” O’Donnel!
On to the matter at hand, I suspect this scenario of an Obama Versus Palin debate, will remain the realm of fantasy; it seems to me Sarah Palin relishes her role as media attention grabber, self promoter, king maker. I don’t think she is ready, nor may ever be, for the rough and tumble world of presidential politics, or the pay cut!  I hope she is smart enough to realize how badly the general public will receive her! 

DC Comics Reboot-Silver Age Doctor Mid-Nite

In the 1960's, ince DC was radically reworking heroes for a new age, The Silver Age, it was decided to create a new Doctor Mid-Nite that was both a woman and a Non-American. Brilliant surgeon Dr. Karla Mitternacht led a busy life as an emergency surgeon in a rural Bavarian hospital, until she removed black glowing shards from a dying patient; exposure to the eerie energies gave her amazing powers, night vision, flight, darkness casting, moon-beams, enhanced strength and endurance. Her powers wax and wane with the day, she is weakest at noon and strongest at midnight, even becoming visibly stronger looking. She is nearly strong enough at midnight to take on Superman! By Issue #16 the writers, Otto Binder on this issue, referred to "The Golden Age" in the villains dialogue! She later went to America, to join The Super-Squad, where she was a member for 37 issues, 12 issues more than her own title lasted, until being replaced by Starman Junior. Ouch!
Later a younger version of Karla was time-lost, ending up in the 30th Century and teaming up with Night-Girl, Shadow Lass, and Phantom Girl in “The Darkest Mission!” She was later erased from existence when it was revealed she came from the Time Trapper’s Pocket Universe.
Status–never referred to again except in Super Squad Reprints.
P.S. I have been exposed to the new DC Universe, rebooted this month! Oh wow, they don’t wear their underwear on the outside anymore! They have lines on their clothes, is that amour? Same characters, including some mired in history such as Rocket Red or Guy Gardener.  I was prepared to be outraged, only; so far, it looks just like the slow paced type of Action Hero Story you must endure in this modern era. Um, The Copper Age? The Tin Age? Or, The Last Gasp of the Paper Age?