Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

Will president Trump fire Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections? The Miami Herald says maybe
Will the investigation result in arrests? NBC says yes. Will Russiagate continue to be a problem for Trump? Only the future holds the truth.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Trump Secret Files!

Electric guitar musician receives an acoustic guitar from Trump
nothing strange here

Special counsel Robert Mueller-we call him the Russiagate Czar- reportedly filed charges in the Russia Inquiry on Friday, October 27. More about that here.But who is Robert Mueller? This is what Fox News said about Mueller. 

We at the Strangest Adventures have “secret evidence” of secret files of the Trump administration to present to present at this time. We are not at liberty to divulge our sources but we offer them for your accepting approval. But first, a reminder of the Time Trump had strange visitors. Last April, President Donald J.Trump had three strange visitors to the White House, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock.

Are they art lovers?

This makes us wonder-did Obama or Bush ever bring in visitors to the White House with the main purpose of mocking the paintings? That day was strange but not as strange as Trump's Secret Files.

Take a look inside-what is he hiding?

Trump Inc. is always developing products-this time, 
Trump Christmas present wrapping paper.

No one will ever see these Eastern European comics. 
Trump has removed all evidence from the Internet! 

Secret footage of Trump wandering the 
secret catacombs under the White House at 3 A.M.

One place Trump gets his great ideas.

Trump hates negative images resembling him. 

We’re not sure what this intercepted broadcast is. 

You can not unsee what has been seen! We hope we have not outed our secret source. Almost no one knows what comes next.but we predict stranger days ahead. Trump Inc. certainly hopes that this is not the future! 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Gorka, Gorka, Gorka!

No, Mr. Bond, I want to to put your finger here

Sebastian Gorka “resigned” as Trump’s deputy assistant to the president on Friday August 25th. He was a member of  the Strategic Initiatives Group, which was set up by Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner and which never existed before Trump became president. Gorka has a lot in common with former Trump staffer Lieutenant General Michael Thomas "Mike" Flynn; both have fringe beliefs about Muslims and have written books about their beliefs. Flynn has been featured here before.

Sebastian Gorka is also like Flynn in that both were not properly vetted by Trump.The FBI did a better job vetting Gorka, firing him in September 2016 after he gave a speech that was described as “a diatribe against Muslims passed off as instruction on the fundamentals of counterterrorism”.

We both hate Muslims!

Sebastian L v. Gorka also had something in common with the recently also fired Steve Bannon-both worked for online alt-right website Feast your eyes, if you dare, upon Gorka’s writings for Breitbart. 

The Big Question is why was Sebastian L v. Gorka  ever allowed to be a part of the Trump administration in the first place? The Business Insider insists that Sebastian Gorka was widely disdained within his own field of counter-terrorism. 

Gorka’s Ph.D was considered dubious, at best. Gorka was awarded a  Ph.D. in 2008 by little-known Corvinus University of Budapest, an institution that is considered to have a questionable reputation. Now Gorka insists he be referred to as Doctor Gorka! Daniel Nexon, a scholar at Georgetown University who has reviewed Gorka's dissertation said  "Corvinus is pretty low-tier, maybe third- or fourth-tier,"  "He might as well have mail-ordered his Ph.D." Nexon had ran its text through plagiarism software and found that portions of it were "repurposed." Nexon also said “Despite casting himself as an expert on radical jihadi ideology, Gorka does not speak Arabic and has spent no time in the Middle East”. 

Plus Gorka had links to the Vitézi Rend,a Hungarian far right group that the US state department says were “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany” during World War II. Nazis! Sebastian L v. Gorka even wore a  Vitézi Rend medal to Trump’s inauguration. 

In review, DOCTOR Sebastian L v. Gorka was a joke in the counter-terrorism community, his Ph.D was a joke and he is OK with Nazis. maybe Trump, with firing Bannon and Gorka is finally “draining the swamp”. How odd that Trump fired Gorka during a category four storm in Texas or did he use the storm as a distraction? Perhaps another storm is appearing in Washington DC right now!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Steve Bannon-Victim of the Uncivil War?

Today President Trump fired  his Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor  Steve Bannon. He is at least the twelfth person fired by Trump in eight months. Bannon was one of the most controversial white house staffers; he was generally perceived as the architect and driving force behind Trump's "nationalist" ideology. Steve is likely a victim of how badly Trump botched his response to the Uncivil War in Charlottesville Virginia. Trump seemed to blame the people protesting the white nationalists and he refused to explicitly condemn the white nationalists.

“I looked the night before. If you look, there were people protesting very quietly the taking down taking down the statue of Robert E. Lee. I am sure there were some bad ones.”

What happens now? Will Steve Bannon return to his old job as editor at Breitbart, an alt right website? Will Breitbart, that tends to support Trump, now go against Trump for firing one of their own? One Breitbart editor, Joel Pollack, has already posted an ominous warning on his Twitter feed: “#War.” Also they’ve already posted this uncomplimentary story. 

Deandre Harris was brutally attacked in Charlottesville by the alt right. 

Trump seems to be in crisis mode. No one knows for sure how this presidency will end but here at The Strangest Adventures, we believe it might end badly but then no one knows the future. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I'm melting!

President Donald J.Trump has a problem-he is melting down. He is melting down about the investigation into Russiagate, which is the investigation that asks the question–did Russia interfere with the election of 2016 to help Trump get elected? Trump has insisted since even before his administration began there was no collusion between his campaign and Russia, but the New York Times revealed there was a connection via Donald Trump Junior. 

Is this as bad as it gets?

In July 2016 he had met with a Russian attorney that promised damaging information about the Hillary Clinton campaign. His admission of this meeting was a real bombshell, there was actually some possible proof of collusion. 

Donnie Junior in happier days

DJT Jr attempted defusing the issue by posting the content of the emails on twitter. This prompted the New York Post, a newspaper known to be friendly towards Trump, to call Donald Trump Junior an idiot. Gentlemen’s Quarterly also called DJT Jr an idiot “of Towering Proportions”. 


Before the revelations about the meeting, many voters thought the investigation onto Russian involvement with the election of 2016 was only a distraction but now, who knows?  As a result of these revelations about the meeting Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., and Paul Manafort head to the Senate for questioning. Kushner has already testified, then DJT Jr and Manafort are scheduled for July 26, 2017. 

Another thing Trump is melting down about is Attorney General Jefferson Sessions, who had properly recused himself from involvement with the Russiagate investigation. Trump mentioned Sessions from the White House Rose Garden, recently. Trump said "I'm very disappointed with the attorney general, but we will see what happens. Time will tell. Time will tell.” Many sources claim Trump is considering firing Jeff Sessions. This hatred of Sessions is even more puzzling considering Jeff Sessions took a major risk by becoming the first United States senator to endorse Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in February 2016. 

Republican South Carolina representative Trey Gowdy, recently offered some friendly advice to the Trump administration. He said it’s time for members of Trump's campaign to come clean about any meetings they had with Russian figures during the campaign to avoid the steady “drip, drip, drip” of information being made public about this investigation.

Certainly others have helpful advice for the Trump administration and perhaps we will hear from them in the future. For now, the future is possibly a very dark place for America. Certainly some people are deriving amusement from Russiagate but most people are not. Here at the Strangest Adventures we  are not sure what to think or what will happen next. To quote Donald J. Trump “Time will tell.” 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Last time at the Strangest Adventures we discussed Trump’s fake Time Magazine cover. Time Magazine has requested that Trump cease displaying these fictional covers. 

Here we offer a rebooted version of that cover that offers some  refinements; perhaps no less fake though.  
-Superior Cover Art-This version has the “visionary stare”.
-Correct red outline with white stripe
-More realistic cover text
-almost correct UPC Code, this code is from a cover of Time.

Marvel’s Earth 65    Merry  Marvel Marching Mutant!

With the current state of “mainstream” Marvel comics right now (Captain America has been revealed be a life long double agent for HYDRA, for instance ) we at the Strangest Adventures will prefer to briefly examine  the alternative  universe of Marvel’s Earth 65. In this universe Gwen Stacy, a cast member of Spider-man. is bitten by the radioactive spider and becomes Spider-Woman. The character debuted in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 as part of the 2014–15 Spider-Verse comic book storyline. 

The only other major superhero written about on Earth 65 is their version of Captain America. There is one villain there worth noting; their version of MODAK is clearly based on a mutated Donald Trump. Why have they done this? Where is this going?

DC Bombshells!

The universe of DC Bombshells has a very unusual history-it began as a series of retro styled figurines of famous super-heroines depicted pin up style. Only later, after the figurines became popular did DC Bombshells become a  comic book series! In DC Bombshells #37 Harvey Dent is clearly based on Donald Trump. He promises to “Make Gotham Golden Once More”. MAGA? 

In most versions of reality Dent becomes becomes horribly disfigured  which leads him to becoming Two-Face. Where is this story headed? Does Trump become Two-Face?

Trump Versus Time Lincoln! 

Antarctic Press Launches New Comic From David Hutchinson, Trump Vs Time Lincoln, for July12 2017 In Shops: Jul 12, 2017! The Great Emancipator, Time Lincoln, faces an all-new threat to existence--from within his homeland!  Just when he thought it was safe to go back in time, he discovers part of reality has been replaced by Alternate Reality, where what was once fact is now a matter of alternate choice. 

Hecho en Mexico-Donald Trump appears someplace real! 

Donald Trump is in the papers! Actually, in Mexico, Trump IS the paper. Mexican businessman and Corporate lawyer Antonio Battaglia is introducing "Trump" brand toilet paper, marketed under the slogans "Softness without borders" and "This is the wall that, yes, we will pay for." 

 More of the story here. These marvelous wiping papers will only be available in Mexico. At the Strangest Adventures we look forward to be products and comics Trump will inspire in the future and wonder what will he inspire in the future?

Friday, June 30, 2017

Fame Part 2!

What is fame? The advantage of being known by people of whom you yourself know nothing, and for whom you care as little.- Lord Byron

Donald J. Trump, current president of the United States, is certainly famous or perhaps infamous. But he had fame and was mocked long before the presidency. One magazine that featured Trump was  science fiction and fantasy comics magazine Heavy Metal.

One Heavy Metal article in 1990 was created by artist Peter Kuper and was titled “the Wall”. In the story Donald J.Trump and fellow New York real-estate mogul Fred Helmsley conspire together to build a wall  to create “a haven for beautiful people.” Trump even gives his followers free hats! Read more about this amazingly prescient piece here. Or you can read the entire story colorized in the hardback “Drawn to New York: An Illustrated Chronicle of Three Decades in New York City” 

Mad Magazine, an American humor publication, was one of the magazines of choice in the childhood of the Strangest Adventures. Mad Magazine is another publication that often featured Trump long before he was president. In 1991, in Mad #300, they printed a modern day parody of the Wizard of Oz drawn by Sam Viviano that featured Trump as the Wizard of Odds and Trump’s now defunct casino Taj Mahal as Ephemeral City! It is now even more hilarious on so many more levels than originally intended.

In 1992 Mad lampooned Trump for over-hyping his success while at the same time having multiple bankruptcies. Once again drawn by Sam Viviano the article titled “WHEN SHOULD WE BELIEVE…? For some reason some people seem to be astounded that such an article exists so snopes had to verify it’s existence. 

Mad of course has not gone easy on Trump as a political candidate or as president, he is a favorite target of their irreverent brand of humor, for example.Trump still manages to appear on the cover of Mad quite frequently.

It must have been flattering when Time Magazine, a mainstream news publication, copied an image concept from Mad for their cover on May 18, 2017. 

Perhaps then Time should have also been flattered when it was discovered recently that Donald Trump was displaying a fake Time cover dated March 1, 2009 in at least five of his world wide golf clubs! The Time cover is an obvious fake. Fake News busted by the Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold! MSNBC did a segment on this fake cover and Trump reacted. 

Here at the Strangest Adventures we think Trump is both hilarious and sad for desiring media acclaim so much that he displays fake news that seems to have been created in 2009 in his properties! We have a strong feeling this is not the last time we will hear about fake news.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Fame is proof that people are gullible – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What does President Donald J. Trump want? Fame! Has he received sufficient fame yet? He is arguably one of the most famous people on Earth now. At The Strangest Adventures we suggest that he is famous beyond Earth too.

Trump has conducted his quest for fame from this gaudy building since 1983.

Trump has been famous for decades. While he was famous for being a real estate mogul in the 1980’s he gained notoriety in New York City on May 1, 1989 by paying $85,000 to take out full page advertisements  in all four of the city's major newspapers calling for the return of the death penalty. Trump said he wanted the ''criminals of every age'' who were accused of beating and raping a jogger in Central Park 12 days earlier ''to be afraid.''The ads said, in part, "Mayor Koch has stated that hate and rancor should be removed from our hearts. I do not think so.”  Five juvenile males—four black and one Hispanic  were convicted of the crime but were later exonerated by DNA evidence. The story is here.

R.Crump was not very subtle about his feelings for Trump.

However those ads certainly seemed to  convince famous cartoonist R. Crumb that Trump was certainly a hateful man.
You can read the whole story of Trump getting his comeupannce here or buy Hup #1-#4 here.

Incredibly, in 2016 in true trumpian style, Trump continued to insist they were guilty, despite their complete exoneration in 2002! That man never apologizes for anything!

Trudeau: ‘If Trump wins, I’ll miss civilization as we know it.’

Even before then, on September 14, 1987, cartoonist Garry Trudeau ran the first Doonesbury comic strip that mentioned Donald Trump after Trump had floated a political trial balloon, hinting that he would run for president. Trump comic strips were later compiled and now can be purchased here.

Panel slightly altered for humorous effect.

Even earlier in 1975 in Spidey Super Stories #8, Spider-Man fought a very strange enemy, The Wall. Was this a foreshadowing of the wall that Donald Trump would promise in 2016? We doubt it, no one in 1975 could have predicted that he would promise a wall on the Southern border of the United States in 2016! However, in the 21st Century Trump would often be depicted as a villain.

 In just one example, he is villainous in Savage Dragon #226. More about Trump’s appearances in comic books and other media next time at The Strangest Adventures!

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Will Trump turn a blind eye towards Russia?

Was May 9th, 2017 a turning point in history? President Trump's  administration was under investigation for having had contact with Sergey Kislyak, who is considered a spy and a recruiter of spies by US intelligence officials. Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, who was a surrogate of the Trump campaign, certainly met with Kislyak at least twice while Trump was still merely a presidential candidate; Sessions failed to disclose  the encounters during his confirmation hearings as Attorney General. There are others on the Trump campaign that also had contacts with Russia, including Mike Flynn, which is what the Russiagate investigations are looking into. On May 9th, 2017  Trump fired the head of the FBI, Mike Comey, who was heading up the FBI’s part of the investigation into the Trump presidential campaign. Mike Comey was in charge of the FBI’s part of the Russiagate investigation and Trump fired him. By the way Comey found out he was fired, not by a phone call or in person, but on TV as though he was a contestant on a TV show! Trump firing Comey is similar in some ways to  the Saturday Night Massacre in 1973, when  Nixon ordered the firing of Archibald Cox, who was a special prosecutor looking into the Watergate burglary and subsequent cover up that led to the Watergate scandal. The similarities of the two firings are undeniable!

Or will President Trump stand resolute against Putin and other world leaders?

On CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin called the move a "grotesque abuse of power”. Dan Rather said, of the Comey firing: "What We Have Here Is Clearly A Cover-Up”. Rather might have some experience in these matters as he was a reporter during the original Watergate scandal. These are just two examples of the press reaction to Trump firing Comey.

Is the future flag of the Russo-American empire?

Then, the next day, May 10th, 2017, Trump himself actually met with Kislyak in the White House. Trump also met with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Oddly enough the only news outlet that was allowed to cover and photograph this event was TASS, the official Russian news agency! If anyone doubted that Trump had any bias towards Russia, their doubts were demolished by the circumstances and timing of this event. Very Nixonian! In case no one understood that, Trump met with Nixon's Secretary of State Henry Kissinger later in the White House that same day!

Trump is rarely ever seen smiling but he is certainly smiling at Kislyak!

Where it will all go from here? Will another Watergate type prosecutor emerge?  Or will this FBI enquiry find the truth with new FBI Director Andrew McCabe?  WARNING! This is what true pundit thinks of McCabe. What about subpoenas that have been served?   Will we ever know the truth? The Strangest Adventures begin now!

Kissinger and President Trump in the White House, it smells like 1973 in here!

Photos:TASS/Getty Images