Saturday, August 26, 2017

Gorka, Gorka, Gorka!

No, Mr. Bond, I want to to put your finger here

Sebastian Gorka “resigned” as Trump’s deputy assistant to the president on Friday August 25th. He was a member of  the Strategic Initiatives Group, which was set up by Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner and which never existed before Trump became president. Gorka has a lot in common with former Trump staffer Lieutenant General Michael Thomas "Mike" Flynn; both have fringe beliefs about Muslims and have written books about their beliefs. Flynn has been featured here before.

Sebastian Gorka is also like Flynn in that both were not properly vetted by Trump.The FBI did a better job vetting Gorka, firing him in September 2016 after he gave a speech that was described as “a diatribe against Muslims passed off as instruction on the fundamentals of counterterrorism”.

We both hate Muslims!

Sebastian L v. Gorka also had something in common with the recently also fired Steve Bannon-both worked for online alt-right website Feast your eyes, if you dare, upon Gorka’s writings for Breitbart. 

The Big Question is why was Sebastian L v. Gorka  ever allowed to be a part of the Trump administration in the first place? The Business Insider insists that Sebastian Gorka was widely disdained within his own field of counter-terrorism. 

Gorka’s Ph.D was considered dubious, at best. Gorka was awarded a  Ph.D. in 2008 by little-known Corvinus University of Budapest, an institution that is considered to have a questionable reputation. Now Gorka insists he be referred to as Doctor Gorka! Daniel Nexon, a scholar at Georgetown University who has reviewed Gorka's dissertation said  "Corvinus is pretty low-tier, maybe third- or fourth-tier,"  "He might as well have mail-ordered his Ph.D." Nexon had ran its text through plagiarism software and found that portions of it were "repurposed." Nexon also said “Despite casting himself as an expert on radical jihadi ideology, Gorka does not speak Arabic and has spent no time in the Middle East”. 

Plus Gorka had links to the Vitézi Rend,a Hungarian far right group that the US state department says were “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany” during World War II. Nazis! Sebastian L v. Gorka even wore a  Vitézi Rend medal to Trump’s inauguration. 

In review, DOCTOR Sebastian L v. Gorka was a joke in the counter-terrorism community, his Ph.D was a joke and he is OK with Nazis. maybe Trump, with firing Bannon and Gorka is finally “draining the swamp”. How odd that Trump fired Gorka during a category four storm in Texas or did he use the storm as a distraction? Perhaps another storm is appearing in Washington DC right now!

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