Friday, September 26, 2014

The Multiple Crises of Barack Obama!

I’m not going to try to present a comprehensive list of everything that has gone wrong since President Obama’s second term began-it’s a long one but here are a few of the prominent ones.

Obama goes after Bashir Al-Assad in Syria for chemical weapons against his own people, gives a “red line” speech but is ignored until Putin, of all people, has a solution.

Russia invades Ukraine, at first through “rebels”; Putin thumbs his nose at Obama again.

US House of Representatives voted to sue Obama over accusations of abuse of power.

Darryl Issa held multiple hearings, vowed to get to bottom of Benghazi.   

The fringe went crazy on Obama, laughter ensues!

The rapid rise of the radical extremist group ISIS, who are being described as “media savvy” for their practice of using social media and patterning parts of their recruitment videos after scenes from Hollywood sources, have been taking over parts of Syria and Iraq and this has been very vexing for the president. Obama’s solution is bomb ISIS, which has already began, and to get other Middle Eastern nations to participate. I hope he well considers the repercussions of his actions and I hope like crazy that this is the right thing to do.  History, of course, will have be the judge of that.

For this cover I was inspired by “Crisis on Infinite Earths” the 1985 12-issue comic book that was the most important event in DC Comics history.  Fifty years of continuity were erased by that one event. Here is the seventh issue; Fans were shocked at the death of Superwoman, who sacrificed herself to save 5 universes! I was also inspired by the many 80 Page Giant issues of the 1960's.