Friday, September 26, 2014

Batman Turns 75 Years Old! Part 3

Last issue I showed you several videos released in 2014 celebrating Batman’s 75th Birthday, this time I’ll show you a bit about my personal connection to Batman’s history. What had initially made me a fan of the Caped Crusader was the Batman TV series. As a child I was crazy about that show, even the theme song was exciting! Colorful villains, wall climbing, the Batmobile, that show had it all!  It was exciting but even as a child I knew it was cheesy as well. Bat Shark Repellent indeed! I’m not the only one fond of this series; DC Comics has a comic book series based on it, Batman ’66! It is available on line first in digital format and they do a good job keeping with the spirit and look of the TV series.

I’m sure I read a few comic books in those days but the first actual Batman comic book I can completely recall reading was, I had to look it up, Batman #226, published in 1970. The villain was the Ten-Eyed Man, making his first appearance, who would prove to be very unimportant. The less said of him the better.  

Certainly I acquired other Batman comics over the years including reprints.  I loved how Batman could team up with even the most unlikely of guest-stars in one of my favorite titles, The Brave and The Bold. Here are just a few of my favorite The Brave and The Bold team-ups.

The Flying Nun versus Batman! I just love the go-go checks!

Is it game over for Batman and The Doom Patrol?

Batman is leading The Creature Commandos into a trap!

Batman and Rorschach! Who watches the Watchmen? I do!

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