Thursday, April 20, 2017


One of television's most opinionated voices, Bill O’Reilly, was just fired from Fox News, a cable news network, amid sexual harassment  accusations.  Bill and Fox News have, to date,  paid $13 million in  settlements to five women since 2004. Of course, loosing over 30 sponsors of The O’Reilly Factor could be why Bill was fired. The support of Donald Trump doesn’t help. The Atlantic claims the success of Donald Trump is why O’Reilly is now unemployed. . But more sexual allegations are expected soon.

The Strangest Adventures views all this with amusement.  Bill O’Reilly has consistently misled viewers over the years by providing misinformation. It will be interesting to see if Fox changes any after this chaos-we say no. In any case, adios Bill O’Reilly, you will not be missed. There are other younger people at Fox News to misinform the American public now!