Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Last time at the Strangest Adventures we discussed Trump’s fake Time Magazine cover. Time Magazine has requested that Trump cease displaying these fictional covers. 

Here we offer a rebooted version of that cover that offers some  refinements; perhaps no less fake though.  
-Superior Cover Art-This version has the “visionary stare”.
-Correct red outline with white stripe
-More realistic cover text
-almost correct UPC Code, this code is from a cover of Time.

Marvel’s Earth 65    Merry  Marvel Marching Mutant!

With the current state of “mainstream” Marvel comics right now (Captain America has been revealed be a life long double agent for HYDRA, for instance ) we at the Strangest Adventures will prefer to briefly examine  the alternative  universe of Marvel’s Earth 65. In this universe Gwen Stacy, a cast member of Spider-man. is bitten by the radioactive spider and becomes Spider-Woman. The character debuted in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 as part of the 2014–15 Spider-Verse comic book storyline. 

The only other major superhero written about on Earth 65 is their version of Captain America. There is one villain there worth noting; their version of MODAK is clearly based on a mutated Donald Trump. Why have they done this? Where is this going?

DC Bombshells!

The universe of DC Bombshells has a very unusual history-it began as a series of retro styled figurines of famous super-heroines depicted pin up style. Only later, after the figurines became popular did DC Bombshells become a  comic book series! In DC Bombshells #37 Harvey Dent is clearly based on Donald Trump. He promises to “Make Gotham Golden Once More”. MAGA? 

In most versions of reality Dent becomes becomes horribly disfigured  which leads him to becoming Two-Face. Where is this story headed? Does Trump become Two-Face?

Trump Versus Time Lincoln! 

Antarctic Press Launches New Comic From David Hutchinson, Trump Vs Time Lincoln, for July12 2017 In Shops: Jul 12, 2017! The Great Emancipator, Time Lincoln, faces an all-new threat to existence--from within his homeland!  Just when he thought it was safe to go back in time, he discovers part of reality has been replaced by Alternate Reality, where what was once fact is now a matter of alternate choice. 

Hecho en Mexico-Donald Trump appears someplace real! 

Donald Trump is in the papers! Actually, in Mexico, Trump IS the paper. Mexican businessman and Corporate lawyer Antonio Battaglia is introducing "Trump" brand toilet paper, marketed under the slogans "Softness without borders" and "This is the wall that, yes, we will pay for." 

 More of the story here. These marvelous wiping papers will only be available in Mexico. At the Strangest Adventures we look forward to be products and comics Trump will inspire in the future and wonder what will he inspire in the future?

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