Saturday, November 5, 2011

DC Comics Silver Age Reboot-The Super Squad!

This is the Super Squad, mentioned in this blog before. All-Star Comics was about the adventures of the Justice Society of America at least until March 1951. But in 1959, DC called upon Gardner Fox to create new group for a new age, to be published in All-Star Comics, composed of these recent “old but new” heroes, but Fox reasoned it would be good to advertise they had super powers in their group name thus The Super Squad was born! However, in 1959 America was still reeling from the Eisenhower recession of 1958 and as it turns out, it was an awkward year in the comic book industry; too early perhaps for a team book to be a true success. 
The Super Squad limped on for years, never becoming as popular as other groups such as The Doom Patrol or the Blackhawks. Eventually the Super Squad traveled to Earth-2 and trying to displace their originals there! Later they added The Ant, a wisecracking acrobat with arthropod-based powers. Times change and by 1966 DC had grown weary of his juvenile antics and used a depowered version of The Ant as a Teen Titans villain! The Super Squad faded out on its own, a victim of its own unpopularity. It was not destroyed by a wave of antimatter but rather a wave of indifference. 

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