Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Justice Guild of America-Tom Turbine!

 Tom Turbine is the resident scientist of the Justice Guild of America. Not only did he create a belt that gave him superpowers such as flying and super-strength, but he also was able to build an interdimensional portal! He was unable to find a suitable power source for it but nonetheless the portal DID work, when powered by the energy from Green Lantern’s ring, so the science behind it was valid. One has to wonder why he didn’t try the ring energy of his JGA colleague Green Guardsman, unless the portal was made of aluminum, which his ring has no effect on!

He is not an exact doppelganger of any given hero but in appearance he seems to combine elements of the Golden Age Atom and the Golden Age Superman. So, I did the same thing. I was quite excited to use the very Golden Age concept of the hero beating up robots!

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