Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paul Ryan’s Same Old Same Old!

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, you might remember him as the failed Republican Vice President candidate in 2012, just released a “new” budget on April 1st (Ha!) which you can judge for yourself. Yes the same day Obamacare was going into effect, Mr. Ryan was, once again, calling for it to be repealed. Four years later Paul, give it a rest man. Repealing any current law would take a 2/3rds majority in both houses to defeat a presidential veto, call me crazy but I do believe President Obama will veto any attempt to repeal his landmark legislation.

Furthermore, Paul Ryan wants to replace Medicare with vouchers. Vouchers! Oh and this budget includes tax breaks, how original. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Ryan is trying to create a Kochtopia, that is, a give away to republican financiers the Koch Brothers, which would be clever, if Harry didn’t totally botch his delivery. I’ll let you judge for yourself the worthiness of this budget. Here at The Strangest Adventures we like it because it makes us laugh!

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