Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Republican Nazi!

Arthur Jones
White supremacist  Arthur Jones is the Republican nominee for an Illinois's 3rd congressional district congressional seat representing Chicago. Jones has been active in the Populist Party, the National Socialist White People's Party and the American Nazi Party.

Is Jones criminally bigoted? Read his website and decide. 

How did a Nazi become a Republican nominee? Because  no other Republican candidate stepped forward to run against Holocaust  denier Jones. We are reminded of what the Blues Brothers said “I hate Illinois Nazis!”

The seat is a long shot, at best, for a Republican to win but still they could have ran someone else. No political party should ever want to be associated with Nazis but the Republican Party, while denying Jones, has encouraged such people too often. 

Have they become tainted?

But these are the strangest of days. A Nazi in congress does not seem very far fetched anymore. Sadly, these days anything seems possible!

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