Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hillary Clinton-Candidate of 2016!

She’s back! Hillary Rodham Clinton, former first lady, first of Arkansas, then of the United States, Senator, failed 2008 candidate for President of the United States, and former Secretary of State wants to be the next President of the United States. However, she seems 
to have a number of obstacles in her way.

One big problem is how Hillary and her husband, ex-president Bill Clinton have many political enemies. Rush Limbaugh would not have risen to fame and gotten a 1990’s TV show without his reliance upon venting his anger against the Clintons.  Not to go too deeply into that bygone era, but Bill Clinton faced impeachment hearings based on his lying under oath about sexual impropriety; these hearings were led by Newt Gingrich and Dennis Hastert! Talk about hypocrisy. 

In 2000 Hillary was elected to Congress. Her hardcore support for the Patriot Act and the Iraq War won her few friends among the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.  Despite her subsequent apologiesmany political experts feel it’s what lost her the Presidential election of 2008 to Barack Obama, who never supported the Iraq War.

Next she was appointed as Obama’s Secretary of State, without too many problems-Benghazi! Oh have I mentioned Benghazi? Yes I have.

Flash forward to 2015-It turns out that Hillary Clinton passed on getting a State Department email account, instead she used a private email server at her home, which gave her and her aides more control over her email records. Was this the wrong thing to do?

And even more questions exist. Did the Clinton Foundation sell influence? Chances are no but some detractors claim yes. 

Many people, particularly progressives, question her ties to Wall Street and Big Business.

There are other questions too, such as is Hillary Clinton trustable? Many people have many questions about Hillary Clinton but there is no doubt this current presidential frontrunner will have a lot of potential challengers in 2016. We also have questions about her but that’s true about everyone running for president. Mind you I think election is far from decided-this election promises to be very interesting!

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