Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More of the Story!

The Strangest Adventures has covered some well known and lesser-known corners of the world of comic books. This seems a good time to update some of that information. We have previously mentioned Superwoman. Here’s her entry in Who’s Who, a series of DC comics listing Heroes, Villains, and more which they began publishing in 1985. Highly recommended.

We did a 3 part entry on the 75th Anniversary of Batman. This is one of the less savory events of Batman’s history, the time he killed Robin.

We’ve mentioned Star Trek before. Here’s a cover from the Gold Key run of that title, from the time the USS Enterprise went to Pluto.

We covered the Silver Age Doctor Mid-Nite before and how she became reduced in age to become a teen and went to the 30th Century (don’t ask) where she joined, for a time, The Legion of Night Heroes. That didn’t last.

The X-Men didn’t always have the most dignified of villains, case in point, Anus the Untouchable! The less said about him the better. He stinks! A lot has been made lately about Wolverine’s death, but I remember the first time they killed Wolverine off.

The rest of the story? To Be Continued.

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