Friday, May 29, 2015

Jeb Bush-Candidate of 2016!

John Ellis Bush, Jeb as he is known, was governor of Florida from 1999-2007, he is the brother of 43rd US President George W. Bush and now he wants to be President too. Jebbie is a huge proponent of privatizing education, even more so when motivated by huge donations from the Walton family, of Wal-Mart fame. Jeb was also on a lot of corporate boards-he is distancing himself from them now but they could haunt him in his run for President. His connections to his brother, George W. Bush, who started the needless Iraq war are certain to hurt him. Recently a student called him on this and told him removing Saddam Hussein created ISIS! And in an interview Jeb said that knowing what we know now he would also have invaded Iraq.

Jeb has since said he was confused into saying he would have invaded Iraq, knowing what we know now. Of course he IS related to two ex-Presidents so who knows, maybe he does have a chance.

Charlie Hebdo, is a French humor magazine that was brutally attacked by Muslim fanatics for the “horrid crime” of drawing a cartoon of the prophet Mohamed; some extreme Muslims believe depicting him is a sin and those extremists think can only be avenged by murder!

Charlie Hebdo is known for their edgy humor, which often criticizes Religion and Politics. I thought I’d make a fictional cover of their magazine if they did a story about Jeb Bush’s troubles. The text says “Special! American Politics Edition! The Bush Brothers are Inseparable! The Stench of The Iraq War Binds Their Destinies!”.
I’ll leave it up to you to translate what Jeb says about W!

Jeb Bush likes molester Josh Duggar too!

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