Friday, May 29, 2015

Candidates of 2016-Ted Cruz!

Senator Raphael “Ted” Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas, is running for President of the United States.  Ted as he prefers to be called, was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. By the way here is a bit of history about the elder Cruz when he was working for Fidel Castro.

According to sources I’ve checked the mere fact he had one American parent, wherever he was born, makes him a natural born American citizen, qualified to become President. OK, if you say so. Still, it’s hard to not think of his foreign origin. Obama, who was born in the USA, has received no end of grief about his qualifications.

Cruz made his announcement at Liberty University, a Christian Fundamentalist College in Lynchburg Virginia founded by Jerry Falwell, at an event all students there were required to attend.  He told a story of his parents recovering from alcoholism as a result of becoming Christians to illustrate the power of his beliefs. While not saying this directly, it seems pretty obvious that he thinks God wants him to be president. You read it and see for yourself. Let’s see how many other candidates have that attitude (Huckabee anyone?).

This guy has made his whole time in congress about fighting Obamacare; he even shut down the government over it in a fit of pique.  So how, in my opinion, ironic that on his second day running for president that he signed up for the ACA! He could have bought private insurance or did something else to replace the insurance of his wife; she quit working for Goldman-Sachs until Ted drops out of the race but he opted to get coverage under the insurance plan he was elected to congress to stop. Ha!

Ted had vowed to stop Loretta Lynch from being confirmed as Attorney General; he enumerates the reasons here at Politico. BUT when the day to confirm her came, Cruz was nowhere to be seen! Apparently, fundraising is more important than principles.

Something else Ted Cruz decided he didn’t need to do is buy the rights to his own name as an Internet domain. was purchased long ago and praises President Obama and Immigration Reform. More details about his and other candidate’s website woes here.

An entire blog could be devoted the many foibles of Ted Cruz, and his unsuitability as President of the United States. Or at least some space at PolitiFact!. He’s in a group I’ll call the “Loser’s League”, space wasters in a presidential election year. For his sake, I hope this is the last time he’ll be this deluded about his chances of becoming president.  Take off, you hoser.
Just for fun, here is Ted with molester Josh Duggar.

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