Monday, November 7, 2016

Trump is the Big Loser!

The Strangest Adventures is, for the first time, making a  political prediction. The crazy election of 2016 is almost over-time for Donald Trump to lose! But let’s examine some events of this election season. Trump beat sixteen other Republican candidates to became the nominee, even though he was arguably the least qualified Republican, though Ben Carson or Carly Florin were just as unqualified. Quite an accomplishment for someone with no experience in government service in any way and having the lowest favorability ratings in US political ratings.Trump began his run by asserting that Mexico is sending illegal immigrants to the US. That is just one of many things Trump has said, many things that have been challenged by the facts. Mr. Trump has gathered many followers based on his xenophobic message, even being supported by the Kiu Klux Klan’s official newspaper, The Crusader. Also Trump receives support from his wife. his children, and Mike Pence, but not of the Republican party. Paul Ryan won’t even say Trump’s name!

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is his opponent, and seems to be the eventual victor on election day and the next President of the USA despite also having low favorability ratings among the electorate as well. For balance, the electorate can examine her lies as well, then decide. Hillary also has people supporting her run too. Her husband, former President  of the United States plus President Obama, Al Gore, former rival Bernie Sanders even Jay-Zee, Beyonce and Bruce Springsteen. Clinton’s main problems seem to revolved around her using a private email server. server while secretary of State.   The FBI decided, with only ten days until the election, to investigate her emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Anthony is the separated, soon to be ex husband of Huma Abedin, who is Hillary’s top aide. Three days before the election, the FBI ended their investigation, resulting in a stock market surge.  The Stock market had been weakened based on fears of a Trump presidency. 

At The Strangest Adventures we’ve been amused by Trump but we’re not amused to hear the possibility that he’s merely a puppet of Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin. We were not amused at his hidden mike moment with Billy Bush! It was not amusing, either when he proposed banning all people of a single religion from entering the USA. We’ll be glad to see him off of the national stage though Trump does have a large following, mostly people that would in a normal year vote Republican. We are entering a new era-what is to become of the Republican Party in this post-Trump Era? It promises to be another Strange Adventure!

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