Monday, May 7, 2018

Bernie Sanders!

Is Bernie a Wizard of Wisdom?

Many people want Independent Senator Bernie Sanders to run for president again in 2020. After all, e drew large crowds and more than 13 million  Americans voted for him in 2016.

Many of his voters were happy to support  his policies of Government-provided health insurance, free college tuition, a $15 minimum wage, stronger unions, high gas taxes, guaranteed parental leave and more but were then unwilling to accept anything less optimistic after Sanders  lost the Democratic primary. Young voters were especially receptive to Bernie's message. These ideas are very much like those used by governments in Scandinavia  and have proven somewhat successful in those countries. However it seems obvious that the general population of the USA is not yet receptive to his message. 

Guess which one.

Here at The Strangest Adventures we like Bernie’s ideas too but in a nation that elected Donald Trump as president it seems unlikely that his Bernie’s ideas will achieve any traction any time soon but we give Senator Sanders credit for not giving up. The week of the election Bernie Sanders published a book-he is a noted author-Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In. 

Is this a book that will launch a revolution?

In the book Sanders outlines his policies; those policies are the foundation of the plan to convert his campaign into a permanent activist group called “Our Revolution.” Thus “Our Revolution” began. 

Their next hoped for achievement is getting Dennis Kucinich elected in the democratic primary for Governor of Ohio on May the eighth, but  a lot of Democrats have been offended by Kucinich’s strange emergence as a Fox News Democrat who often defends Donald Trump. This makes Dennis Kucinich, at best,  a questionable alternative to Democratic front-runner Richard Cordray, who has the backing of most national Democrats, most notably Elizabeth Warren.

Bernie Sanders himself has not endorsed Kucinich saying “Let me be very clear: Bernie Sanders will make endorsements, and Our Revolution will make endorsements. Sometimes they will make endorsements in races I’m staying out of. I will not be making endorsements in the governor’s race in Ohio or Illinois. I’ve known Dennis Kucinich forever, I consider him a friend, but I am not making an endorsement there.”

So “Our Revolution” endorses a candidate that Bernie Sanders does not endorse. We will see how that works out on May 8th.

Here at the Strangest Adventures we believe Ohio voters will have no desire to elect a Trump loving democrat but we’ve been wrong before. More Kucinich hi jinx here.

As for Senator Bernie Sanders, will he run for president in 2020? Has his chance came and went? He’s still keeping his options open so no one can say for sure.   However a recent Suffolk University poll of New Hampshire Democratic primary voters found Sanders trailing Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden in the New Hampshire Democratic primary. In the poll, Warren leads the pack with 26 percent, followed by Biden with 20 percent and Sanders a distant third with just 13 percent. Of course that is only one poll about one state-is it “proof” that Bernie should not run?

Bernie Sanders certainly seems to be an energetic,compassionate,  unique candidate-we wish him well whatever he does. 

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