Thursday, May 3, 2018

Kanye West !

Two stable geniuses. 

Kanye West, who, considers himself a genius, is a world famous hiphop star and in the last several weeks he has ruined his popularity by  showing too much love for president Donald J. Trump, a move that has alienated his fan base and much of the black community as well as much of the musical community. 

Kanye West is a huge fan of President Trump, and he does not seem to mind that people are hating him for it. 

All this love for  Donald J. Trump led Kanye West to release his latest song “Ye vs. The People” . 

Kanye’s new friend is flashing an alt/right hand gesture in front of the “genius”!

In the song Kanye attempts to articulate what he believes is a defense of Donald J. Trump and his thoughts about politics. 

None of this has escaped the attention of Donald J. Trump. Trump says Kanye is “smart”.

Trump says “Kanye West gets it!”

Oh look, now Kanye is saying “slavery is a choice”!

2009 the year Kanye went to war against Taylor Swift.

Kanye West is going on a very strange adventure. Will all this help or hurt Kanye West’s popularity. Does anyone care? Who  knows?

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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