Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Donald Trump Versus Bernie Sanders!

Note: Trump hands not to scale!

When Bernie Sanders first appeared on The Strangest Adventures he was just another Democratic presidential candidate; a lot has changed since then. Senator Sanders went from one of five democratic presidential candidates to one of two. As it turns out many voters, young people in particular, have responded to his populist platform like affordable college, expanding social security, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, ending the militarization of the police and many other ideas with increasing appeal, particularly with the young folks and far left, no surprise that Sanders calls himself a Democratic Socialist. He’s giving Hillary Clinton some unexpected competition; they are tied in polls for California. That’s mighty good for a candidate that was predicted to have dropped out by now!

And everyone knows presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, orange faced delusional narcissist billionaire xenophobic real estate developer. He is accused of ignoring reality but it isn't so much that Trump doesn't know the facts; he can’t possibly be as ignorant as he appears to be. He's just that he’s brutish and he simply doesn't care about the facts. For example he told voters in Fresno California on May 21st that he could fix their water shortage, declaring that: “There is no drought!” But without a doubt the drought exists in California. The state had one of its driest years ever in 2015. The unprecedented drought covers nearly 95 percent of the state, and in the past several years they’ve had wildfires, water rationing, and snowless mountaintops. The reality is apparent but Donald ignores the facts and bullies onward and upward.

Stained glass window Donald Trump donated to Marble Collegiate Church where he is not an "active member." The camel is leaping with ease through the eye of a needle. It depicts Mark XX 25” It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” Window features Trump’s motto Dives Vincet.

Many people have wondered what would happen if Bernie Sanders debated Donald J. Trump; which one would win?  The Comedy Central show @Midnight presented a fictional comedic debate with James Adomian as Bernie Sanders and Anthony Atamanuik as Donald Trump.  As it turns out these two comedians have been touring the country performing this live.

Which leads to the time Trump was recently on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. The conversation eventually led to the idea of Trump debating Sanders. See Hillary Clinton had rejected the offer of a debate with Sanders on Fox News before the California election.  Kimmel asked Donald if he would debate Sanders who was Kimmel’s guest the next evening. Trump’s first comment was “how much is he going to pay me?” Eventually Bernie answered in a tweet “game on!” But we never got this dream team debate in real life. Look here to read the details.

One size fits most pinheads and primates too!

But today Senator Bernie Sanders faces a different foe, Hillary Clinton. Primaries occur today in California, Iowa, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota and a caucus in North Dakota. This is the last of the major voting and according to the numbers Clinton has all but wrapped up the nomination but Bernie vows to continue on no matter what happens. The likely scenario is he’ll lose but the Senator was not expected to last this long. That he did is a testimony to his message and indicates many voters are dissatisfied with the current system. Perhaps Sanders planted seeds which may blossom some day; only the future knows for sure!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dr. Ben Carson-Candidate of 2016!

Doctor Ben Carson a surgeon of Baltimore Maryland is most famous for separating conjoined twins.  His biography is here though Politico disagrees with particular points about his history. In late 20015 Dr. Carson was polling well sometimes second to Donald Trump  but by 2016 he was lagging badly in the polls. Perhaps some things he had said in his book and in real life had changed public opinion about him. For instance he claimed that as a youth he attempted to stab someone and a belt buckle blocked his blade however CNN questions that story. Perhaps his threats to leave the Republican Party in December had some affect on his poll numbers. 

Carson also believes evolution is inspired by Satan, “I personally believe that this theory that Darwin came up with was something that was encouraged by the adversary, and it has become what is scientifically, politically correct,” and he believes the big bang theory is a fairy tale.

Carson believes the Great Pyramids were not built for Pharaohs. "My own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain," Carson said  "Now all the archeologists think that they were made for the pharaohs' graves. But, you know, it would have to be something awfully big if you stop and think about it."

Oh and Dr. Carson thinks America is like Nazi Germany.

Dr. Carson experienced a very bad new year on January 1st when his campaign manager and some 20 other campaign workers quit. There was even worse news for Carson when four members of his campaign team were in a fatal car accident in Iowa. His campaign was suspended but he has begun to resume campaigning but at the Strangest Adventures we say, don’t bother. Dr. Ben Carson has done some very interesting  and wondrous  things in his life but running for president is not one of them!

The candidate actually has this painting in his house.