Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of the social media giant Facebook and Mark has problems! Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica, a political firm hired by the Trump campaign, access to private data on roughly 87 million Facebook users.

Just last year Facebook faced questions and gave congress ads linked to Russian government efforts to effect the 2016 presidential campaign.

Down down down!

That’s right, Facebook was involved with Russiagate!

So now Mark must testify before a joint hearing of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees. Zuckerberg is expected to strike a conciliatory tone. 

Facebook has really gone downhill these days. Will Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, who has deactivated his Facebook account, cause everyone to delete their Facebook accounts?

Zuckerbots invade DC!

Here at the Strangest Adventures we prefer to take a wait and see approach. 

Let’s see how this ends.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Republican Nazi!

Arthur Jones
White supremacist  Arthur Jones is the Republican nominee for an Illinois's 3rd congressional district congressional seat representing Chicago. Jones has been active in the Populist Party, the National Socialist White People's Party and the American Nazi Party.

Is Jones criminally bigoted? Read his website and decide. 

How did a Nazi become a Republican nominee? Because  no other Republican candidate stepped forward to run against Holocaust  denier Jones. We are reminded of what the Blues Brothers said “I hate Illinois Nazis!”

The seat is a long shot, at best, for a Republican to win but still they could have ran someone else. No political party should ever want to be associated with Nazis but the Republican Party, while denying Jones, has encouraged such people too often. 

Have they become tainted?

But these are the strangest of days. A Nazi in congress does not seem very far fetched anymore. Sadly, these days anything seems possible!

President for Life Trump!

Recently China's President Xi Jinping was declared president for life, which then prompted PresidentTrump to say at a fundraiser  “Don’t forget China’s great and Xi is a great gentleman. He’s now president for life,…“And look, he was able to do that...I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot some day,”

Let that sink in for a minute-Trump as president for life. We can’t imagine anything stranger than that!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Mark Cuban was President Instead of Donald Trump!

This happened in some other version of reality!

Sharknado is a series of  entertaining schlock movies from Syfy. Made in 2015, Sharknado 3  featured the destruction of Washington DC and included scenes inside the white house, and there was a need to cast a president-Donald J. Trump was their first choice. 

Despite Trump expressing interest Mark Cuban took the role of POTUS. By the way Ann Coulter played vice president! This is the story how Mark Cuban was president instead of Donald J. Trump! 

The best defense against a Sharknado is a good offense

By the way Cuban is a co-host on the hit TV series “Shark Tank.” which has been described as "American Idol" for entrepreneurs!

Trump, according to Stormy Daniels- “ He is obsessed with sharks. Terrified of sharks.”

Mark Cuban is a self-made billionaire businessman, investor, philanthropist and co-owner of the National Basketball Association Dallas Mavericks

President or Poser?

Mark is a real go-getter and has investments in a variety of businesses. 

Mark Cuban has often acted as a rival to Donald Trump,after all unlike Trump. Cuban is popular and successful.Mark is considering a run for president in 2020. 

Here at the Strangest Adventures we believe almost anyone would be preferable to Donald J. Trump as POTUS but for now we can just watch the Blu-ray of Sharknado 3 and remember when Mark Cuban used to be president of the United States of America! 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Donald J.Trump-the President of Golf!

Donald J. Trump is POTUS and a huge fan of golfing and DJT has made a point of owning many golf courses. 

Fake News

By the way Trump has a fake civil war monument at his National Golf Club on Lowes Island in Sterling, Virginia. That is, the event it claims to commemorate never happened, according to local and national historians.

Donald gets on the golf course as often as he can and at great cost to taxpayers. 

According to 15-time LPGA Tour winner Suzann Pettersen "He cheats like hell,"

Trump tops all the other modern presidents in frequency of golfing more times in his first 81 days than any of them golfed. 

Odd behavior for a man that on many occasions criticized Obama for playing golf. 

There’s no doubt that Trump makes deals on the golf course but there was one time Trump tried to make a deal with House Republicans in the White House bowling alley. 

One TV comedian felt the need to comment on this bowling summit. 

Trump makes deals while golfing and seems to have made one deal using bowling but no one knows where he will  make his next deal. Trump is taking the entire world on  very strange adventure.

PREZ Rebooted as Trump!

PREZ was a comic book published by DC Comics in 1973 featuring senator Prez Rikard, the youngest president in history. PREZ was noted for always wearing red and having long yellow hair.

DC Comics rebooted the concept in 2005 with a teen age girl as president. 

2018 may be the right time for another reboot of PREZ but  this time featuring president Donald  J. Trump as PREZ.  It would be a bold juxtaposition to replace the youngest president with the oldest president  and Trump needs all all the  positive press he can get  It might work or  it might be the biggest disaster. in history! At the top are the first two issues  of that series offered for your approval. 

The Playboy Model and the President!

Last month we found found about Stormy Daniels. now this month we find out about another member of Trump's harem Karen McDougal.

The New Yorker Magazine details a sordid tale of Donald Trump, a Playboy model, marital infidelity and another pay-off!. 

At the Strangest Adventures we ask is this real or a red herring? It sure seems real and the New Yorker Magazine is known as a reliable source for news. Read the article then decide for yourself. 

The Justice Guild of America Returns!

The Strangest Adventures has featured the meta-fictional Justice Guild of America before

This fictional team was a homage to the Justice Society of America and was featured on the Justice League Unlimited episode of “Legends”. At the Strangest Adventures we wondered what issues of the JGA  published in the 1970s would look like.  Behold the glorious return of of Black Siren, Catman, The Green Guardsman, The Streak and Tom Turbine of the Justice Guild of America!

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Black Panther!

T’Challa is the King of the fictional African nation of Wakanda and he is the Black Panther, a Marvel superhero. We’ve been fans of Black Panther since he debuted in Fantastic Four issue No. 52 in July 1966. 

The Black Panther movie opened Friday and is already the top-grossing film in History. At the Strangest Adventures we welcome this news. 

He originally was going to be named Coal Tiger and the name Coal Tiger, as it turned out, was more relevant to Africa in the 1960’s than the name Black Panther!

Yes that is what Coal Tiger looks like

By 1977 Black Panther had his own comic book title. It’s worth noting that in issue 5 Panther fights the racist menace the White Rhino.
 By the end of the issue he teams up with Luke Cage, Falcon, and even the Black Musketeers to stop the White Rhino from taking over New York City; the earth shattering conclusion was in issue 6. 

At the Strangest Adventures we wish Black Panther well and hope to view his documented adventures as soon as the lines get shorter!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Warrior Women in our Future!

Tulsi Gabbard 

Tulsi Gabbard is a Democrat  who has been the Representative for Hawaii's 2nd congressional district since 2013.  Tulsi is an Iraq War veteran and was born in American Samoa; she is the first Hindu member of the US Congress. Tulsi previously served in the Hawaii House of Representatives from 2002 to 2004, becoming at age 21 the youngest woman to be elected to a state legislature at the time. 

Will Bernie Sanders return the favor in 2020?

She endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for president in 2016 and had to resign her post with with the DNC in order to make that endorsement. That alone makes her a bit of a maverick in the Democratic party. And Tulsi Gabbard is being suggested as a potential candidate to run for president of the United States in 2020. There are people that want Tulsi to run. Certainly website Medium is sold on her as POTUS. 

Tulsi Gabbard  is a democrat and generally follows the dogma of that party EXCEPT, after visiting  Syria, and speaking to their leader Bashir Assad, she now seems convinced that he did not drop poison bombs on his own people. This stance has set her at odds with members of both parties. 

This leaves Tulsi with a mixed image, the Washington Post says “Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: The Democrat that Republicans love and the DNC can’t control”.

Tammy Duckworth

Tammy Duckworth wrote the forward to ‘Band of Sisters : American Women at War in Iraq”. Band of Sisters tells the stories of  Iraqi War veteran women. Tammy has quite a compelling story of her own. She was a US Army helicopter  pilot and sustained injuries in 2004, when the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter she was co-piloting was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade fired by Iraqi insurgents, and  she was the first female double amputee that had served in the Iraq War.

Tammy Duckworth with Elizabeth Warren

Tammy Duckworth is currently representing  Illinois in the US Senate. She was the first disabled woman to be elected to Congress. Could Tammy Duckworth  run for president in  2020? Gronda Morin seems convinced so does The Economic Times but let the voters decide. 

Amy McGrath

Amy McGrath was the first woman F-18 pilot in the USMC and she is running for congress in 2018 and is running for Kentucky's 6th congressional district.Amy has a powerful video  about how she was told when she was young that she could not be a fighter pilot.

After the events in Charlottesville Virginia and Trump’s poor response to those events, Amy called Trump out. Find out more about her campaign here!

Here we root for veterans to run for office,  perhaps they would be more cautious about war. We wish Amy success!

Mikie Sherill

Mikie Sherill is a former US Navy helicopter pilot and federal prosecutor. She is also running for congress in 2018 in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District. Learn more about her campaign

M J Hegar

Mary Jennings Hegar is another veteran that wants to be the representative from Texas' 31st congressional district. 

Friends call her MJ. She is A Purple Heart recipient  that took aim at  military inequality by writing  'Shoot Like A Girl’, More about her campaign here. 

Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning is a former US Army private  convicted of giving sensitive government records to Wikileaks, and has filed to run for the senate in Maryland, which  is announced here. Some deem Manning to be a hero and some consider Manning  to be a traitor. Manning’s prison sentence was commuted by President Barack Obama.  

President Donald J.Trump certainly called Manning an “Ungrateful TRAITOR”.

Never the less we wish all these women veterans success in 2018 and 2020! 2017 is widely considered The Year of the Woman; Will 2018  be a year of political victories for women veterans?  Here at the Strangest Adventures we will  be rooting for change in 2018!

Wonder Woman!

As a kid I was disappointed that this was not a comic book

This is the real life story about how comic book Amazon princess Wonder Woman had her super powers restored by feminist icon Gloria Steinham. In 1972 Gloria was waiting to publish Ms. Magazine and wanted to use Wonder Woman, whom she considered to be a symbol of female empowerment, on the first cover. Of course she asked DC Comics for permission only there was one problem; DC had depowered Wonder Woman and took her out of her uniform and put her into mod clothing! 

As a kid I was disappointed that this was a comic book

The mod Wonder Woman was an attempt to make Diana relevant to the late 1960’s so editor Carmine Infantino tasked writer Denny O'Neil and artist Mike Sekowsky with changing the Amazon into a secret agent. Wonder Woman was made over into an Emma Peel type, and that was arguably the most controversial period in the hero's history. 

An illustration by DC Comics artist Murphy Anderson had been commissioned to make art for a story Ms. was planning to write on Wonder Woman but then it was decided that this would be an ideal cover for the first issue of the magazine. Here are some more examples of Murphy Anderson’s work.

Was Murphy Anderson inspired by this cover?

And the rest is history. DC comics rebooted Wonder Woman in 1973 by restoring her powers and, for the most part, her original appearance.

However, her appearance on MS  encouraged  the use of Wonder Woman as a symbol for feminism and empowerment. In 1973, a year after the MS. Magazine cover, Carol Clement drew a speculum wielding Wonder Woman for the Los Angeles Women's Center newsletter that instructed women on how to do their own vaginal exams. 

William Moulton Marston
William Moulton Marston was the creator of Wonder Woman. He lived an unconventional  lifestyle, living with his wife and mistress at the same time, fathering children with both. In 2017 there was a movie about the life story of Dr. William Marston, Harvard psychologist and inventor, He, along with his wife, invented a crucial component  of lie detector tests, however this movie is about the relationship between his wife and his lover, who became her lover after his death and how they both inspired the iconic super heroine Wonder Woman. Marston could be considered one of the few feminist men of his era.

Wonder Woman addressed the UN in her comic book too

But Wonder Woman’s involvement with the real world  was not over! Wonder Woman was made a UN ambassador in 2016, which was also her 75th anniversary! Her time as a UN ambassador was short lived though. Current Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and 1970’s Wonder Woman Lynda Carter appeared together at the UN but make no mistake, the fictional Wonder Woman was considered the ambassador. She lost her job in response to a petition, “Reconsider the Choice of Wonder Woman as the UN's Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls” signed by 30,000 UN employees. Wonder Woman always seems to court controversy even in real life!

Is the future of Wonder Woman filled with bondage? Wonder Woman often relied upon her golden lasso to tie people up. What if the situation were reversed? Wonder Woman: Bondage By Frank Miller And Bill Sienkiewicz. Here at the Strangest Adventures, we hope not but who knows these days? Sometimes the world is a dark place. We continue to think of Wonder Woman as a fictional hero and symbol that inspires millions of people every day.

Wonder Woman's first uniform included a skirt!

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Porn Star and the President!

Last Friday, the Rupert Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal reported that President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, allegedly paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to be silent about a sexual tryst with Trump. Honestly this story has been public since at least October 2016. Trump has denied the allegations but then Trump usually denies everything. Stormy Daniels denies she was paid off. At the Strangest Adventures we wonder if the WSJ  released this news “story” to distract from Trump’s latest problem. 

See, earlier last week Trump was alleged to call countries like Haiti and other nations “$hithole countries”, while at a meeting to discuss immigration reform. Dutifully the media focused intently on what Trump said. As is usual,Trump denies he said it. Then the WSJ article came the next day. Was it  a perfect distraction from $hithole Gate? Some allege it is. We remain skeptical about everything associated with Donald J.Trump but you read the stories and decide for yourself.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

Will president Trump fire Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections? The Miami Herald says maybe
Will the investigation result in arrests? NBC says yes. Will Russiagate continue to be a problem for Trump? Only the future holds the truth.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Trump Secret Files!

Electric guitar musician receives an acoustic guitar from Trump
nothing strange here

Special counsel Robert Mueller-we call him the Russiagate Czar- reportedly filed charges in the Russia Inquiry on Friday, October 27. More about that here.But who is Robert Mueller? This is what Fox News said about Mueller. 

We at the Strangest Adventures have “secret evidence” of secret files of the Trump administration to present to present at this time. We are not at liberty to divulge our sources but we offer them for your accepting approval. But first, a reminder of the Time Trump had strange visitors. Last April, President Donald J.Trump had three strange visitors to the White House, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock.

Are they art lovers?

This makes us wonder-did Obama or Bush ever bring in visitors to the White House with the main purpose of mocking the paintings? That day was strange but not as strange as Trump's Secret Files.

Take a look inside-what is he hiding?

Trump Inc. is always developing products-this time, 
Trump Christmas present wrapping paper.

No one will ever see these Eastern European comics. 
Trump has removed all evidence from the Internet! 

Secret footage of Trump wandering the 
secret catacombs under the White House at 3 A.M.

One place Trump gets his great ideas.

Trump hates negative images resembling him. 

We’re not sure what this intercepted broadcast is. 

You can not unsee what has been seen! We hope we have not outed our secret source. Almost no one knows what comes next.but we predict stranger days ahead. Trump Inc. certainly hopes that this is not the future!