Saturday, January 23, 2016

Batman V Superman!

Batman V Superman is an upcoming 2016 movie from DC Comics in which (spoiler alert) an armored Batman battles against Superman whom he considers a menace to mankind. But those two fighting each other is nothing new; Batman versus Superman is in fact an old theme that has been used many times before. For example World’s Finest #119 from 1961 answered the question, what is more awesome than Batman? Answer-Batman riding a T-Rex and warring with Superman in ”Battle of the Super-Heroes!”

In 1965 World’s Finest #153 documented “The Clash of Cape and Cowl!” They became bitter enemies and Batman tries to kill Superman with a Kryptonite Batarang.  Not an imaginary story! Plus it includes this wonderful panel inside. 

World’s Finest #209 from 1972 Batman once again attacks Superman, this time with Red Kryptonite; the unpredictable element has changed Superman into a giant Super-Ape. Bonus points for having a Gorilla cover!

Flash-forward to March 23, 2016, once again Batman is fighting Superman in the new movie Batman V Superman-Dawn of Justice. Bruce Wayne blames Superman for the destruction caused in Metropolis when Superman fought General Zod in the last movie. Plus Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash are also in BVSDOJ. This is a Justice League movie! Here at the Strangest Adventures, we hate the idea of Ben Affleck as Batman but this movie looks great and it will be required watching. See you at the movies!

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