Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Trump Versus The GOP!

Last time Billionaire Developer/Reality TV Star Donald Trump was featured on TheStrangest Adventures we presented what Donald Trump and other celebrities had to say about Trump.  It’s no secret that Donald currently tops the Republican polls, though no voting occurs before February. The schedule is here for the curious. Also it’s no secret that Trump has made a point of insulting his opponents, his favorite tool to do this is Twitter, the perfect media for someone with a fourth grade vocabulary, like Donald Trump. Plus Twitter is free. Whether by Twitter, on TV or in front of large crowds, his childish taunts and insults have raised a few eyebrows. Here are just a few notable examples.

JebBush has been covered by The Strangest Adventures before. Trump says Jeb is “Low Energy”.
ChrisChristie-More about Christie here and here. Trump seems angry that Christie hugged President Obama.
TedCruz-Trump question’s Ted Cruz’s eligibility to run for president, just more birtherism from the Donald. 
CarlyFiorina-Apparently he likes to rub it in that she got fired.
LindseyGraham-Trump calls Graham an idiot and then gives out Graham’s cell phone number at a live event.
BobbyJindal- Donald loves to rub it in other candidate’s faces when they don’t poll well.
John Kasich- Trumps says Kasich was incompetent as a managing partner of Lehman Brothers.
GeorgePataki-Trump says Pataki was a terrible governor of New York.
RandPaul- Donald declares Rand to be truly weird.
RickPerry- Trump says Rick Perry is so dumb that he should be forced to take an IQ test. In all fairness Perry was smart enough to quit running for president!
MarcoRubio-Trump says Rubio is the most disloyal guy. And then there was the time Marco Rubio responded to Obama’s State of the Union speech.
RickSantorum-This time Trump brags that he owns a plane, something Santorum lacks. There’s more about Rick Santorum here and here.
ScottWalker-Trump says Walker’s Wisconsin is over levered.

Here at The Strangest Adventures, we stand amazed at how well Trump is currently doing in the polls. He feigned shock when Dr. BenCarson, who seems to be rising in the polls, questioned Trump’s commitment to Christianity based on Trump’s lack of humility. We could find no comments of note about Jim Gilmore or Mike Huckabee, they’re seemingly beneath his notice. However we’d be remiss if we didn’t inform you of the time Donald Trump posted a graphic of himself that included SS soldiers! Twitter was not kind to him on that occasion. Today CNN hosts the second Republican Debate, let’s see how things stand after this one, Trump complained bitterly for weeks about the “unfair questions” he was asked at the last debate. In the unlikely event that Trump gets the nomination in 2016 then gets elected as President, it will be the strangest adventure this USA has ever been on!


This graphic is a homage of X-Men #141 which began the "Days of Future Past" storyline, which later was adapted into a movie. There's also a bit of Trump's "Art of the Deal" thrown in for good measure. In case anyone thinks we cheated by not including every candidate, this is what Trump is covering over in the graphic.

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