Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Election 2014-One for the Bizarros!

What a bizarre election. As I predicted before here the Republicans took control of Congress, and in a big way. They took advantage of how this was been the lowest voter turnout since 1942. There were some interesting results, --- Tim Scott of South Carolina was the first black senator elected from the South since Reconstruction. Mia Love, great name by the way, was the first Black Republican woman (she’s also a Mormon!) elected to the Senate. Elise Stefanik, at 30 years old, is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. These folks represent the future of the GOP. Very interesting!

Also Chris Christie, head of the Republican Governor’s Association was pleased to see every Republican governor that ran got reelected or newly elected as the case may be. All conservatives, to one degree or another, which makes the other election results perplexing. On most of the issues the voters chose the least conservative option.

Marijuana was a big winner, the people of Washington State and Alaska voted to create recreational marijuana markets, while Washington DC voted to legalize possession. Alaska, Nebraska, Arkansas and South Dakota all voted to increase the minimum wage, another big winner and again, a position most conservatives abhor. North Dakota and Colorado rejected the notion of granting personhood to fetuses; this is the third time the measure has been voted down in Colorado. This schizophrenic voting pattern puzzled me; the same people that voted for typically liberal causes voted in or reelected conservative candidates. This put me in mind of the Bizarros.

The Bizarros were created by a flawed duplicator ray Lex Luthor had invented. They had white, angular faces and backwards grammar and thinking. They follow the Bizarro code, which is "Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on BizarroWorld!" Chronologically, first Superboy then Superman had Bizarro duplicates, as did many of Superman’s friends. Eventually there was an entire Bizarro civilization including a Bizarro Justice League, all living on the square planet Htrae. There is even a Lego Justice League Vs. The Bizarro League straight to DVD movie due out in February 2015! One Bizarro has really got my attention though, Bizarro-Flash, but then I’ve always been fascinated by super speedsters. Bizarro-Flash was introduced in Lois Lane #74, published May 1967.

A malfunction occurred during his creation, and he had the “horrible face and voice” of a normal person, and a reversed color scheme from The Flash. The other Bizarros rejected Bizarro-Flash and sent him off into space. He ended up on Earth to baffle and bedevil Superman. Eventually he morphed into a “normal” Bizarro with chalky white skin and terrible grammar and subsequently returned to Bizarro World. Later, he returned to Earth and joined up with Reverse-Flash, which was very odd as they were so close in appearance.

 He also teamed up with Bizarro-Green Lantern also known as Yellow Lantern. Bizarro-Flash even teamed up with the Flash on occasion! In The Flash #199, Bizarro-Flash forsakes his usual partner Yellow Lantern for the Flash. Notice this cover is yet another homage to The Flash #123, Flash of Two Worlds.  OK, that’s enough Bizarros for today. Me am getting tired!

Getting back to the matter of the recent election, it raised a few questions. Will this new era in Congress mean a united Republican Party or will they be overwhelmed by the Tea Parties versus the establishment Republicans? Will Congress finally find an attorney that will sue Obama? Will the Republicans try to impeach Obama? One thing is for sure. The Republican takeover of Congress means there will be a huge change in how nothing gets done!


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