Thursday, June 16, 2011

Candidates of 2012-Mitt Romney

What can I say about Mitt Romney? No need for quotations, to say Romney changes his opinion is common knowledge. He seemed fairly popular when he served as governor of Massachusetts; his term was characterized by budget cuts and health care reform but that moderate governor of a liberal state was dead by the 2008 Republican primary. In his place was a candidate that had compromised most of his previous stances, not conservative enough for the GOP mainstream, you know. Romney is a Mormon (as is potential 2012 candidate Jon Huntsman). I don’t know if his religion will affect his candidacy; I hope we as a nation have moved beyond such attitudes. I’d say one of the more interesting things about Mitt was that he was the son of George Romney, former head of American Motors Corporation, who left AMC in 1962 to become governor of Michigan. Those Romneys were born with governing in their blood! Here I’ve depicted Mitt as a parody of Mister Fantastic, grey-templed, flexible-bodied leader of the Fantastic Four! 

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  1. Inevitable, really. Romney's real positions, as established by his record, are way out of step with the present-day troglodyte Republican party; he has to claim to be more aligned with reaction to have any hope of being nominated.

    Mormonism will probably doom him anyway. Yes, a lot of the country has "moved beyond such attitudes", but the fundies who make up the Republican base haven't.

    Great blog idea, especially given the prevalence of mutants among the Republicans these days.