Thursday, June 16, 2011

Something Different—The Flash #123 Homage

This is a tribute to The Flash #123, Flash of Two Worlds, which in my opinion was the most important comic book of the 1960s. In it, Barry Allen, The Flash, travels to another reality, Earth-2, where he meets his counterpart, which, to Barry Allen, was a fictional character and was Barry’s super-hero inspiration! Please, no one remind me that they all are fictional characters! This issue paves the way for DC Comics to publish more stories of Earth-2, which covers all the heroes of the WW II Era, and later there were more stories about more Earths. But, on to this cover. I thought it would be interesting if Quicksilver, the fastest man in Marvel Comics, met his 1940’s counterpart, The Whizzer, in the pages of The Avengers. I always enjoy stories featuring super-speedsters. The Avengers, for those that don’t know, were Marvel’s response to DC Comic's The Justice League of America. In any case, here is the result.

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