Friday, June 24, 2011

Something Different-Green Lantern Vs. The Flash!

The long awaited Green Lantern movie opened last Friday to mixed reviews and was the number one film in U.S. and Canadian theaters, opening with $52.7 million in ticket sales. Not bad. There was a Green Lantern in the comic books in the 1940’s however the movie was based on the rebooted version, dating back to 1959. For the uninitiated, test pilot Hal Jordan is summoned to the side of a dying alien to receive a will power controlled ring; wielders of the ring, which can do mostly anything the wearer can conceive of, are members of a 3,600 person army that patrols the universe, bringing order to chaos. Of course, I saw the movie, and enjoyed it immensely although I have to wonder how well it would hold up for filmgoers not familiar with the comic book. Speaking of the comic book, I’ve depicted Green Lantern fighting his friend The Flash, because here at The Strangest Adventures, we love conflict!

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